Position: Professor in School of Energy, Soochow University

E-mail: fenglai@suda.edu.cn

Homepage: http://web.suda.edu.cn/fenglai/index.html


1993-1997 Bachelor in Fine Chemical Engineering, Dalian University of Technology;

1997-2000 Master in Fine Chemical Engineering, Dalian University of Technology;

2000-2003 PhD in Inorganic Chemistry, with Prof. Z. Gu, Peking University; 

2003-2005 JSPS fellow with Prof. T. Akasaka, University of Tsukuba;

2006-2007 Humboldt fellow with Prof. A. Hirsch, University of Erlangen and Nurnberg;

2007-2008 Associate researcher in Chinese Academic Institute of Chemistry;

2008-2012 Foreigner researcher in University of Tsukuba;

2012- Professor in Soochow University and Specially appointed professor in Jiangsu province.

Current research interests:

Inorganic perovskite solar cells; electrocatalysis for energy materials (i.e., H2, NH3) and industrial chemicals, fullerene-based materials.



As first author or corresponding author

1. D. Han, Q. Yuan, Z. Slanina, X. Tang, S. Yi, D.-Y. Zhou, F. Uhlik,* L. Feng,* Enhancing Built-In Electric Field and Defect Passivation through Gradient Doping in Inverted CsPbI2Br Perovskite Solar Cells, Enhancing Built-In Electric Field and Defect Passivation through Gradient Doping in Inverted CsPbI2Br Perovskite Solar Cells. Solar RRL, 2020, 4, 2000629, DOI: 10.1002/solr.202000629. (IF=7.5)

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As coauthors

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