GAO Lijun

Prof. Gao is a distinguished professor at College of Energy, Soochow University since 2010, he was a professor at Chemistry Department of Nanchang University 2005-2010. Dr. Gao worked in USA for 8 years (1997-2005), and studied in Canada for 8 years (1989-1997). He earned his Ph.D in Chemistry from University of Ottawa in 1994, and B.Sc. from Department of Chemistry of Peking University in 1987. Dr. Gao’s research expertise is in the area of electrochemical energy storage and conversion, including supercapacitors, Li-ion/Na-ion batteries and electrocatalysis. Dr. Gao published about 100 papers, and applied over 40 patents. He has experience in Li-ion battery manufacturing. 

Research area

1. Supercapacitors (pseudocapacitive materialshybrid supercapacitors)

2. Li-ion/Na-ion batteries (anode and cathode materials, devices)

3. Electrocatalysis (Non-noble metal catalysts for HER and OER)

Research projects

1. NSF project, “High energy electrochemical supercapacitors”, 20663005, 2006-2008.

2. National 863 energy conservation and new energy vehicles project, 2007-2009, “Measurement method of battery modules for EVs”, 2007AA11A102.

3. National 863 key technologies and system integration of EVs, 2011-2013“Generic technology and evaluation system study of power batteries and key materials”, 2011AA11A235.

4. Soochow University and Canadian Solar Inc. joint project2013-2015Energy storage system development for PV applications.

6. NSF joint project, U1401248, “Fundamental research on supercapacitormaterials and devices”2015-2018. 



2012 Suzhou Gusu Talent

1994-1995 Post-doc. Fellow of NSERC

1992 Joseph Richards Fellowship of The Electrochemical Society

Representative publications

1. H. Wang, J. Li, X. Kuai, L. Bu, L. Gao*, X. Xiao*, Y. Gogotsi*, Enhanced rate capability of ion-accessible Ti3C2Tx-NbN hybrid electrodes, Adv. Energy Mater., 2001411, 2020.

2. H. Wang,  J.M. Li,   K. Li,  Y.P. Lin,  J.M. Chen,  L. GaoV. Nicolosi*,  X. Xiao*,  J.M. Lee*, Transition metal nitrides for electrochemical energy applications, Chem. Soc. Rev.,, 2020.

3. Y. Lin, H. Wang, C. Peng, L. Bu, C. Chiang, K. Tian, Y. Zhao, J. Zhao*, Y.G. Lin, J.M. Lee*, L. Gao*, Co-Induced Electronic Optimization of Hierarchical NiFe LDH for Oxygen Evolution, Small, 2002426, 2020.

4. L. Bu, X. Kuai, W. Zhu, X. Huang, K. Tian, H. Lu, J. Zhao*, L. Gao*, Nitrogen-Doped Double-Shell Hollow Carbon Spheres for Fast and Stable Sodium ion Storage, Electrochim. Acta, 356, 136804, 2020.

5. H. Lu,  K. Tian, L. Bu, X. Huang, X. Li, Y. Zhao, F. Wang, J.M. Bai, J.Q. Zhao*, L. Gao*, Synergistic Effect from Coaxially Integrated CNTs@MoS2/MoO2 Composite Enables Fast and Stable Lithium Storage, J. Energy Chem., 55, 449-458, 2021.

6. K. Tian, H. Lu, L. Bu, X. Huang, C.L. Chiang, S. Yang,. Y. Zhao, Y.G. Lin*, J.Q. Zhao*, L. Gao*, Exploration of Lithium Storage Mechanism and Enhanced Cycling Stability of Binary Bi2Mo3O12 Oxide Anode Enabled by MXene-supported Composition, Batt. & Supercaps, 3, 1-11, 2020.

7. X. Huang, W. Zhu, J. Yao, L. Bu, X. Li, K. Tian, H. Lu, C. Quan, S. Xu, K. Xu, Z. Jiang, X. Zhang, L. Gao*, J. Zhao*, Suppressing Structural Degradation of Ni-rich Cathode Materials towards Improved Cycling Stability Enabled by a Li2MnO3 Coating, J. Mater. Chem. A., 8, 17429-17441, 2020.

8. H. Wang, Y.P. Lin, S. Liu, J. Li, L. Bu, J. Chen, X. Xiao*, J.H. Choi, L. Gao*, J.M. Lee*, Confined growth of pyridinic N-Mo2C sites on MXene for hydrogen evolution. J. Mater. Chem. A., 8, 7109-7116, 2020.

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10. R.M. Irfan, M.H. Tahir, M. Maqsood, T. Bashir, J. Zhao*, L. Gao*, Fe3C/CdS as noble-metal-free composite photocatalyst for highly enhanced photocatalytic H2 production under visible light, Appl. Catalysis A: General, 603, 117768, 2020.

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