Professor at Department of energy,soochow university

principal investigator at Soochow Institute for Energy and Material Innovations(SIEMIS)

688 Moye Road, Suzhou, PR China 215006; (86)-18915539299;  

Curriculum Vitae

Zhao Deng received his bachelor and master degree in chemical engineering from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and his Ph. D in analytical chemistry from University of California, Davis, under the supervision of Prof. Gang-yu Liu. After graduation, he worked as a research associate in the Center for Nanoscale Science and Technology (CNST) at National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST). Before joined Soochow University as a full professor in 2016, he had worked in the Oil & Gas industry for about 5 years in the United States, serving as senior scientist in companies including Halliburton and Afton Chemical Corporation. His current research interests include photo and electro-catalysis of energy and environment relevant small molecules, in-situ characterization of electrode processes, wearable energy storage solutions. He is also the appointed professor of Jiangsu province and team leader of the Jiangsu Dual Innovation Program.

Professional Experience

Professor, Soochow University, Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, China2016-present

Principal Scientist, Afton Chemical Corporation, Richmond, VA, USA2015-2016

Senior Scientist, Halliburton Company, Houston, TX, USA2013-2015

Scientist III, Houghton International Inc., Valley Forge, PA, USA2012-2013

Research Associate, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Gathersburg, MD, USA2009-2012

Teacher, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai, China2002-2003



PhD, Analytical Chemistry, University of California, Davis2003-2009

MS, Applied Chemistry, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China1999-2002

BEng, Chemical Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China1995-1999


Honors & Awards

Team Leader of Dual Innovations Plan, Jiangsu Province, 2019

Appointed professor of Jiangsu Province, 2018

Travel award, the 237th ACS National Meeting & Exposition, March, 2009

Tyco electronics foundation fellowship in functional materials, Tyco Electronics Foundation, 2006


Selected Publications and Patents

Energy Storage

1) Ma, Y.; Wei, L.; Gu, Y. T.; Hu, J. P.; Chen, Y. J.; Qi, P. W.; Zhao, X. H.; Peng, Y.; Liu, Z. F.; Deng, Z*. “High‐Performance Li-O2 Batteries Based on All‐Graphene Backbone”; Advanced Functional Materials, 2007218 (2020).

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3) Hu, J.; Yuan, X.; Wang, C.; Shao, X.; Yang, B.; Abdul Razzaq, A.; Zhao, X*.;  Lian, Y.; Chen, M.; Deng, Z*.; Peng, Y*. “Self-Phosphorization of MOF-Armored Microbes for Advanced Energy Storage”; Small, 16, e2000755 (2020).

4) Yang, C.; Li, Y.; Zhang, B.; Lian, Y.; Ma, Y.; Zhao, X.; Zeng, X.; Li, J.; Deng, Z.*; Ye, J.; Wu, W.; Peng, Y.* “Nitrogen-doped carbon fibers embedding CoOx nanoframes towards wearable energy storage”; Nanoscale, 12, 8922-8933 (2020).

5) Ma, Y.; Jing, Y.; Gu, Y.; Qi, P.; Lian, Y.; Yang, C.; Lian, Y.; Razzaq, A.; Zhao, X.; Peng, Y.; Zeng, X.; Li, J.; Deng, Z.* “Redox-Driven Lithium Perfusion to Fabricate Li@Ni–Foam Composites for High Lithium-Loading 3D Anodes”; ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 12, 9355-9364 (2020).

6) Abdul Razzaq, A.; Yuan, X.; Chen, Y.; Hu, J.; Mu, Q.; Ma, Y.; Zhao, X.*; Miao, L.; Ahn, J.-H.; Peng, Y.; Deng, Z.* “Anchoring MOF-derived CoS2 on sulfurized polyacrylonitrile nanofibers for high areal capacity lithium-sulfur batteries”; J. Mater. Chem. A, 8, 1298-1306 (2020).

7) Ma, Y.; Gu, Y.; Yao, Y.; Jin, H.; Zhao, X.; Yuan, X.; Lian, Y.; Qi, P.; Shah, R.; Peng, Y.; Deng, Z.* “Alkaliphilic Cu2O nanowires on copper foam for hosting Li/Na as ultrastable alkali-metal anodes”; J. Mater. Chem. A, 7, 20926 (2020).

8) Yang C.; Yao Y.; Lian Y.; Chen Y.; Shah R.; Zhao X.*; Chen M.; Peng Y.*; Deng Z.* “A double-buffering strategy to boost the lithium storage of botryoid MnOx/C anodes”; Small, 15, 1900015 (2019).

9) Yao, Y.; Zhao, X.; Razzaq, A.; Gu, Y.; Yuan, X.; Shah, R.; Lian, Y.; Lei, J.; Mu, Q.; Ma, Y.; Peng, Y.; Deng, Z.*; Liu, Z. “Mosaic rGO layers on lithium metal anodes for the effective mediation of lithium plating and stripping”; Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 7, 12214-12224 (2019).

10) Abdul Razzaq, A.; Yao, Y.; Shah, R.; Qi, P.; Miao, L.; Chen, M.; Zhao, X.*; Peng, Y.; Deng, Z.* “High-performance lithium sulfur batteries enabled by a synergy between sulfur and carbon nanotubes”; Energy Storage Materials, 16, 194-202 (2019).

11) Chen, Y.; Zhao, X.*; Liu, Y.; Razzaq, A. A.; Haridas, A. K.; Cho, K.-K.; Peng, Y.; Deng, Z.*; Ahn, J.-H.* “γ-Fe2O3 nanoparticles aligned in porous carbon nanofibers towards long life-span lithium ion batteries”; Electrochimica Acta, 289, 264-271 (2018).

12) Shah, R.; Gu, J.-Y.; Razzaq, A. A.; Zhao, X.; Shen, X.-W.; Miao, L.; Yan, C.-L.; Peng, Y.*; Deng, Z.* “Freestanding Electrode Pairs with High Areal Density Fabricated under High Pressure and High Temperature for Flexible Lithium Ion Batteries”; ACS Applied Energy Materials, 1, 3171-3179 (2018).


Photo & Electro Catalysis

13) Xiong, L.; Zhang, X.; Yuan, H.; Wang, J.; Yuan, X.; Lian, Y.; Jin, H.; Sun, H.; Wang, D.; Hu, J.; Deng, Z.*; Hu, H.; Choi, J.; Li, J.; Chen, Y.; Guo, J.; Rummerli, M. H.; Zhong, J*.; Xu, L*.; Peng, Y*. “Breaking Linear Scaling Relationship by Compositional and Structural Crafting of Ternary Cu-Au/Ag Nanoframes for Electrocatalytic Ethylene Production”; Angewandte Chemie, (2020).

14) Xiong, L.; Sun, Z.; Zhang, X.; Zhao, L.; Huang, P.; Chen, X.; Jin, H.; Sun, H.; Lian, Y.; Deng, Z.*; Rummerli, M. H.; Yin, W.*; Zhang, D.; Wang, S.; Peng, Y*. “Octahedral gold-silver nanoframes with rich crystalline defects for efficient methanol oxidation manifesting a CO-promoting effect”; Nature Communications, 10, 3782 (2019).

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Lubrication Engineering

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Biophysical Applications of Scanning Probe Microscopy

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International Patents

37) USPO:Cannara, R. J.; Sharifi, F.; Deng, Z. US8763161B2: Zero thermal expansion, low heat transfer, variable temperature sample assembly for probe microscopy (2014).

38) WIPO:Deng, Z.; Devil, J. P.; Livanec P. WO2016171655: Methods for quantifying nitrogen-containing compounds in subterranean treatment fluids (2015).