MA Kouxiang

Graduated from the Chemistry Department of Yangzhou Normal University in 1988 with a Bachelor of Science degree.

From August 1988 to June 1990,worked in Leyu Middle School of Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu Province.  

From September 1990 to June 1993, graduated from the Department of chemistry of Shanghai Normal University with a master of Science degree.  

In August 1993, he worked in Light industry Institute of electrochemical power sources. He successively served as editor and deputy editor in chief (editorial board member) of battery industry magazine published by China Battery Industry Association , chief editor, deputy director of information center of Light industry Institute of electrochemical power sources, member and Deputy Secretary General of "national battery material Standardization Technical Committee" in 2008, secretary-general since 2014, presided over the work of National Technical Committee for primary battery standardization since 2014, and presided over the revision of GB / T 8897.1-5 series primary battery standards. Engaged in the international standardization IEC work of primary battery, presided over the work of IEC / TC35 China Secretariat, mainly responsible for the docking of industry standards and IEC international standards, successively participated in the revision of IEC 60086-1 ~ 6 primary battery series standards, IEC 62281 (2019) revision of lithium primary battery and battery safety requirements in transportation.

The project of low mercury and no mercury of alkaline zinc manganese dioxide battery was promoted in the whole industry. Kappa resin 720b from the United States and pw150 and qp-3 from Japan pure Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. were introduced and applied in the whole industry.

Main achievements

Battery industry magazine

Battery industry has been continuously edited and published for 20 years with 120 issues.

In terms of standardization work

He presided over GB/T 8897 "primary batteries Part 1: General principles", GB / T 8897.2 "primary batteries Part 2: requirements for external dimensions and electrical performance", GB / T 8897.3 "primary batteries Part 3: Watch batteries", "GB / T 8897.4" primary batteries Part 4: Safety requirements for lithium primary batteries ", and GB / T 8897.5" primary batteries - Part 5: Safety requirements for aqueous electrolyte batteries, revision of GB / T 20155-2018 determination of mercury, cadmium and lead in batteries.

Research and development of the key standard plan of the Ministry of industry and information technology of the people's Republic of China on the limits of harmful substances in lithium ion batteries.The project is currently under way

National compulsory standard project plan

"Safety requirements for lithium primary batteries and batteries in transportation and general safety requirements for civil primary batteries", "requirements for limiting the contents of mercury, cadmium and lead in zinc negative primary batteries".

Industry standard development project plan

"High temperature lithium primary battery (pack)" and "special soft pack lithium manganese dioxide primary battery (pack)" for active RF card

Industry standard revision project plan

"Alkaline zinc manganese dioxide battery parts Part 1: positive steel case", "alkaline zinc manganese dioxide battery parts Part 2: negative bottom", "alkaline zinc manganese dioxide battery parts Part 3: sealing ring", "alkaline zinc manganese dioxide battery parts and accessories Part 4: collector fluid, electrolytic manganese dioxide for mercury free alkaline zinc manganese dioxide battery, zinc alloy for primary battery.

There are more than 30 articles on technical exchange in journals

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Served as executive director of China Battery Industry Association and Secretary General of Technical Service Committee of China Battery Industry Association.

Research interests: zinc manganese dioxide battery, lead-acid battery.